Why become a Certified Arborist?

Certification is a standard the public can use to judge the qualifications of an arborist. This person must know what he or she is doing. Certification is a valuable addition to an arborist’s career.

Before becoming certified, you must be qualified. The standard is 18 months experience and a related degree, or 24 months experience in a tree care related field. If you think you meet the qualifications, then you can apply to test. The board of directors votes on applications; if approval is given, all that is left is taking the test.

The test is 100 questions covering identification, pest management, safety, tree function and structure, tree maintenance, cabling and bracing, fertilizing, climbing skills, and safety. The test is given at the annual conference in November. On occasion arrangements can be made to have the test proctored. Upon passing the test, you will automatically be certified.

To become certified is not that difficult. It just takes some time and preparation. Interested persons should submit an Application Form to get the process started.

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